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Linda's a dog lover of all kinds with the passion of helping other dog lovers to enjoy and have a happy and healthy dog.


From the minute that Linda Kajda was born, there were dogs in her house. There was never a moment when there wasn’t a dog in the house. All her life she has been a dog lover, dedicated to their good health and happiness. Those are the 2 keys to a rich and fulfilling life, not only for people but for dogs as equally.

She has devoted her life to learning all she can about dogs and how she can provide a happy and healthy environment and life for them.

Linda is author to several books on dogs ranging from breed specific to pet insurance to dog skin problems. Linda’s mission is to ensure that every dog receive the care and love it deserves and that every dog lover receive the know how and guidance to provide that.

Linda lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts with her parents and a house full of dogs. She wouldn’t have it any other way. “My dogs are my enjoyment. The companionship and love they give is very rewarding and heart warming."


Linda’s other interests besides dogs, include boating on the lake, bowling, swimming in her pool, gardening, traveling, going shopping with her mother and being with her family. Linda can often been seen driving around with a car full of happy dogs……happy that they’re going bye bye.